Imagine This...

The location is a breathtakingly beautiful secession style (sometimes referred to as art nouveau) building, in the heart of Budapest (Hungary). The time frame is 1895-1915 and you are part of the elite few, who were invited to a spectacular ball, during carnival. The hostess, along with all the other guests have been charmed and enchanted by yet another collection of exotic items brought to Europe, after a successful expedition to the East. With this fervent inspiration, all show up to the ball with at least a hint of Orientalism incorporated into the fashionable attire.

There will be champagne, candlelight, live music, lots of dancing and a delicious dinner, and as intermission in between these: exotic shows presented by authentic, eastern dancers as well as instrumental performances that set the oriental mood. Simultaneously, there will be games, the most grandiose of which will be a very lively “Treasure Hunt”, where the guests may collaborate and compete to find a spectacular prize! All these will help us invoke the spirit of this refreshingly exciting age long past.

The Dances

The dances will be a selection of those popular in Hungary at the time, including a variety of skill levels, so that even newbies along with the most experienced dancers and can truly enjoy themselves. We offer help in preparing for these dances, with written explainations along with instructional videos, which will become available soon. There will be a dance rehearsal in Budapest, on the eve leading up to the ball, and also in the month of January, depending on interest.

The dance music will be provided by a string quartett and a dulcimer – as this was a very popular instrument in Hungary at the time.

The Dress Code

The Dress code is 1895-1915 and all attire should be as historically accurate as possible! Invoking the spirit of the past is a group effort during such an event, and all should do their share to make this Ball as magical a time-travelling event, as possible. In order to achieve this, we are happy to help in a support group, where all can share their inspiration, resources and questions in the topic of what to wear for the Ball.

Given that the Ball will be in carnival season, a Mask is also part of the dress code.

The Location

The location is Novotel Budapest Centrum (Budapest, Rákóczi út, 1088), easily accessible both by car and public transport. We can offer a dressing room, to change into ball attire, however, the need for this should be announced in due time.

The exact dates and times of the add-on programs (Funicular Railway visit to Buda Castle and Asian Art Exhibition Museum tour) will depend on the interest that is shown toward them and will be announced later, however, they will both take place either on the Friday leading up to the Ball or the Sunday following it.

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About the Tickets

Tickets for Ladies and Gentlemen include: a champagne welcome toast, buffet dinner and dessert. Further drinks can be acquired on location.

Tickets for Counts and Countesses include: a champagne welcome toast, buffet dinner and dessert, as well as unlimited drinks in a separate lounge. Counts and Countesses will receive a portrait, hand-drawn during the eve of the Ball. This ticket type also includes the Funicular Railway visit to Buda Castle as well as the Asian Art Exhibition Museum tour – all while wearing historical costumes!